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tv   [untitled]    May 22, 2014 8:00am-8:31am PDT

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this we do jobs so it's been good for san francisco primarily we the evidence will then show all the private and government resources. >> what's going on because we're on it we're aware of the other issues around vets we've brought a lot of resources to bear for veterans the city has been good we've gotten opportunity like the presidio and treasure island and otis street but not possible woody allen without the hud and the city, etc. without the coalition of homelessness etc. it's all in the community you've got to work together that's all you'll be able to make a difference. thank you. thanks for your organizations incredible work in our city.
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>> next speaker. >> come on up. >> good morning dr. espanola jackson. you know, i sit and watch to see your moves and things and give me two minutes to speak. but i have brought information to you to this committee and i know you've received it and it deals with hud section 3 of the what this city do not follow it does not follow nothing for the people of san francisco. so i know you've got the solutions we've had the solution for the citizens of san francisco but this city is not following it. number one there the hud guidelines a that'll i'll get
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that information to you because when you first became a supervisor it city do in a a compliance officer to make sure things get done and when i look at the agenda number one, number 5 and number 6 and 7 they should all been together because of the fact it deals with with you're talking about here the homeless, mental health and the veterans. now what you need to do and i'm going to ask you to do this for me why don't you set up a watch committee put me over it so that way i can give you and make sure you have all the information you need and then we'll deal with the solution. you've got people working over the years they know me when i cam come here for the support that's needed it could have been
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done. the housing authority you all support those big developers that come in here and turnout housing and that's why we have the number of homelessness because of the eviction of people living in public housing but you're not hearing what i'm saying >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> there you go next speaker please. my daughter ask me why mom do you go to city hall they don't listen. >> good morning. i'm kathy i work to the enhe emancipation proclamation california services we have a senior center and the team will be partnering with the
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assessment project and we'll have the internal behavioral health specialists. we believe this is a great idea that people have been homeless the longest will have the shelter plus care units and staff will be able to offer them we collect data in the upcoming year if people won't accept the housing benefits so again, we're thrilled to partner with the city and thrilled to be part of the pilot program >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> good morning. i'm gwen listen director the human resources and the homeless housing program where we house over 60 beds.
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and i want to say that the veterans we get are older in angle they are seniors and have mental and physical health problems your biggest concern is after the 24 most of transition housing after the 24 most we scramble to get them into permanent housing i want to say you guys need to work to increase the beds program to help them either buy they have veterans benefits or have some type of rental and i want to say i agree wholeheartedly with dr. espanola jackson they talk about closing down the housing authority project and not building the same number that's increasing the number of homeless folks in san
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thank you. thank you very much >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning, supervisors. i'm from the senior center we have a senior center opened 5 days a week we have people coming for case program and we're a support group that runs every tuesday more than these and have 6 seniors with homeless disabilities that help us we have help with the beds to the seniors they can stay there for 90 days and another thirty gais days but after that we don't know. there are more and more seniors with medical conditions and i've
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been working with d c s and i've seen seniors that are really, really needing help and would like to stay in the shelter because if they stay in s r o they tell me if something happens to them no one b will know we still have veterans that are part of our case management we do the housing information that comes out every month i don't have any more fumdz for that after june that's with the aging services and there's other serves but they don't give services to the veterans coming from the hospital. thank you to supervisor kim, jane kim they funded american people outreach worker in the
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city and what's happening we'll have some services at the bay in for the homeless seniors >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon - good morning. i live in district 2 john f. kennedy towers i recently i'm a veteran and i recently received a 14 day notice to leave my premises. for the past 4 years i've been paying my rent faithfully on time i have a service connected disable because of my benefits there's a backlog of cases nationwide i'm looking forward to my veterans checks to pay the rent but san francisco does have a policy all the veterans that
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are waiting upon their benefits to be retro process i've been paying my rent for the past 4 years never been late those are things that perhaps some of our staff the president of the housing authority if they can create a safety net not to lose their housing i was homeless for many years i live in a stable place and i'm starting again to receive my full one hundred compensation from coming and pen but i'm asking our committee mark farrell to ask the poor veterans because our money is good and i believe bobby roman field can help to establish that
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for conveniences so we don't have to be back on the streets and go through the shells. i also oppose is negative stigma of veterans{mentally unstable we're stable >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning members i'm dale i'm a member of the city of san francisco corresponding board but this morning i'm here hasn't to represent the formerly homeless and veterans. sometimes, i feel that the homeless situation in san francisco is becoming an industry much like our prisons have become industry where the online only people with benefits are the people running the program i'm going to stop that from happening we're homeless
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veterans when you ask us to go fight four for our country when we slept and he didn't don't play with us. we couldn't find room let's house our prisoners from another county we don't have room for our homeless in the city you don't fit we've got a size 9 foot into a size 7 shoe why can't he hours our veterans i'm a homeless vetted and i've will fought all the way to washington i didn't want to live in the tenderloin for what we did for our country we don't deserve to live in the tenderloin so you can house our veterans outside
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of the county we didn't play with you so don't play with us thank you very much >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm dave with the curry senior center we're in the tenderloin supporting seniors. i want to point out a couple of things first of all, we provide 10 percent of the medical care for the housing unit that's one of our recommendations to expand health care in the community and not only to the housing unit that are for homeless but for the non-housing units so center medical expert services we have 3 hundred veterans that walk so what our centers at risk for homelessness we've seen that
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more people doing the financial resources they have less money to pay rent so wee one of our recommendations is for the city to move forward with policies that provide other services for veterans to pay there's the food stamps and jobs for vets where they can work and not lose ssi. so revenue so they have more money or we give them food so they have more money for themselves >> finally, i want to thank hope for taking a step forward and pitting aside the beds for the vets thank you very much >> is there anyone who wishes to speak on the item?
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>> one last thing there is a this is a city known for its sex all freedom members of the board let it be a city for economic freedom it has the capacity to build shoe box unit but not at a market rate but seekers of the city that is transitional. another thing there's a street bigotry it's still with us. let us have transitional housing like shoe box units that can be built to house people to rehab this demographic instead of being the useful throw away population the stigma rests upon us and people are tired of
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taking care of my ethic groups but we have capacity inside of us so let's us sit at the table we're not. everyone is asking for money let the shoe box units be a demonstration if you're capable physically and mentally 6 months and you've got to be on the way let's us prove ourselves and have rapid reemployment programs and redeny manufacturers you don't have to have people be without shoe box housing
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>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning i'm to relate a perm experience being a senior and homelessness how sometimes city policies enhances homelessness rather than eliminates it when you was 63-year-old i was compelled to seek early social security retirement benefits. so the significance of that is at the present time i'm receiving 25 percent less from my social security benefits that i would be receiving had i not been compelled to receive early social security benefits. in many instances city policies increases the homelessness rather than defers. there was a comment by other
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speaker rewarding a watchdog. i'll articulate it it better your government oversight committee needs to look at how the city is spending the money and whether or not it's well spent. thank you >> thank you very much any public comment on that item? number one. >> well, i think you asked for solutions well, here's my solutions. well, first the hospitals they need a certainty amount of money for shelter beds. i've heard the story small business needs to be released to the streets and the other thing is the vets. you need more vets helping
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veterans. it's a different culture and language from time to time. and you go through go through boat camp you are different. the other seniors we need a certainty amount of community labeling like a hostile maybe 6 or 10 people to a place maybe one or two programs one for seniors and others. i think the other thing we need to deal with some of the trauma that people go through especially going through war and just being a service individual you mentioned the rates that the women go through and the post traumatic stress disorder the
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city has delayed those things i also think i have more ideas but - i guess just more mental health services and we should take a look at the occupancy rates of the shelter beds that are being set aside for the veterans i think that's another thing. >> okay. thank you very much is there anyone who wishes to speak on the item? one time per person you've been up, sir. number one. seeing none, public comment is closed. again want to thank my colleagues the people that came to speak and the people that spoke in the public comment it's encouraging within our veteran population of the things that are happening but certainly from
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my prospective with seniors and conditioning angling population in san francisco that's going to present an increase in problems over the years we have to do all we can especially with veterans you are have a soft spot for i appreciate the va and your efforts and bobby and for the advocacy but we need to stay at this in a big way. with that, i will propose ending did hearing colleagues a motion to file number one. there's a second can we take that without objection? madam clerk items it through 4 >> appropriating the estimate expenditures for a selected departments of the city for may
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2014 item 3 the salary for the positions in the proposed appropriation for the departments in fiscal years 2015- 2016 and number 4 the mayors proposed budget for the international airport and the transportations agency port public library and public utilities commission for the fiscal year 2014-2015 and 2015- 2016. >> okay. thanks so we have 3 of our commissions i'm sorry different departments up. is the director here >> okay. if not we'll skip on director reiskin i don't see him either. do you want to wait a minute for the director. okay. why don't we wait we have
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mr. kelly here why not start with the puc. >> so thank you and good morning, chair farrell and supervisor avalos, supervisor breed and supervisor wiener. take the opportunity to provide you with an in debt information for 2016- 2017 and 2015- 2016. we appreciate the opportunity to give you an high-level information but thank you for meeting with us individually about the questions and concerns. today, our cfo and assistant manager will be making a detailed presentation we have included a number of silenced that address questions you've asked us to address. as you hear today's presentation
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there's been a lot of great things we've been doing at the puc while we continue to provide twenty-four hour 7 days a week for pour services we have a great track record with the water system program that's over 80 percent complement. we're planning the sewer system improvement program it's well underway. we've reached a major milestone in the planning design of rebuilding our southeast treatment facility. also we're doing an excellent job of rover and restoring our facilities after the rim fire but not out of the woods yet we continue to permanently restore that area per we're responding and managing our water supply during the worst flood in
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california history also overseeing the alleging infrastructure is both is a challenge for me and as you the city leaders and policymakers. as i talk about as i talk about in april 30th meeting the biggest challenge the puc is facing is a fiscal sole vinsz of the hetch hetchy power you've heard me talk about the wastewater improvement needs but now a you're increasing hearing the country at our house/senate water and supply and water and power facilities those facilities have served the city well by they're not 60 to 80 years old and in need of significant investments we've worked with the mayor's office to balance our situation in this
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two year budget and over the long term. they're a lot of hard choices to make but working on multiple front i'm going to turn it over to todd to go over more detailed presentation i'm hereafter the presentation to answer questions >> thank you mr. kelly. >> so hello todd here. i'd like to walk through some slides as well as the public and echo what mr. kelly our general manager has said. the number of our slides addresses the specific questions on the april 30th hearing from our department. we for the public and the television viewing audience we care about the infrastructure the water, the sewer, and the electricity largely inevitable because most of the facilities are underneath the street.
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what it means i'll briefing walk you through the key contribute of our budget on slide 2 our operating budget our capital budget and what it means for san franciscans for the power and sewer needs as well as the select programs and so commissioner dooley's. excuse me. todd i need before you start i need to express great concerns i have about the puc budget and thank you for coming to my office the other day and talking about the policies we could have around our reserve and avoid a train wreck i communicated with the mayor of this city trying to avoid a train wreck i'm not ready to approve the puc budget
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we don't have conversation back from the mayor's office about providing statement that we can't be made and options that's not been provided i feel like we're heading towards the cliff we want the puc to deliver its power and water to customers all over 0 the bay area but if we not working out in a consensus way this administration is known for a way to create a pathway where we can all meet our objectives i'm ready to table this budget today. so maybe we need time to figure out how to pause today or have this budget come back later
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today and hear the leadership of the mayor's office there was no communication for the $1.5 million was going to be appropriated and that is not how city hall works and not the way city hall has been working over the past 3 years and this is a critical program. one that has 8 votes on the board of supervisors that's serving we'll have renewable energy and provide residents of san francisco with the option to stay in a program and not be on the pg&e operating with dirty energy and we've been stone walls by this administration by the commission additional also i believe by the staff of the puc if we're not dlooishl trying to
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resolve that those the other thing is to table your budget. >> thank you, thank you supervisor we've heard our comments and concerns. >> so we can have the public comment i want to make a motion to table our budget. >> understood. >> supervisor mar. >> yeah. i want to photocopy with supervisor avalos point. i i am really sensitive to mr. kelly but i won't support any budget that activates a reserve i'm not sure the puc a has been working hard enough i know you've identified $4 million in savings i want to know if the
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budget analysis can take a color look at how the puc could provide other options other than raiding fund >> supervisor breed. >> thank you. i also in agreement with supervisor avalos i'm prepared to table the puc's budget i don't think it was done in a collaborative spirit and to use the program let's go solar and to play two programs against one another is not the way i prefer we do business so i think that's important we send a strong message and table this budget until it comes back with the appropriate funding for our clean power program. we're making incredible steps and i think that we need to push forward and we have the court to do an incredible p